Goal Card

Do you have a goal? A deep desire that you really, really want?

What type of goal do you have? Do you know how to get there; to achieve your goal?

What’s the purpose of a goal?
The real purpose of a goal is to grow. To learn, to develop, to achieve something new that you haven’t done before. So, if we have a goal that doesn’t require us to grow, to strive for something new, then it’s not a good goal.

Goal Types:

  • Type A
    This type of goal is easy to obtain. It’s something that you’ve probably done before. For instance, I have a goal of getting up early in the morning tomorrow, or to get a new car.
  • Type B
    This goal type requires you to work for it, but it’s something that you know how to achieve. It’s a SMART goal. It’s a goal that you can plan for and work towards. However, the problem with this type of goal is that it’s easy to get frustrated with because the goal itself isn’t that inspiring.
  • Type C
    This is the goal that you really want. Your hope. Your desires. Your dreams. The fun thing about this goal is that you don’t actually know how you’re going to achieve it. It’s more fun and engaging when you’re working everday on something that you LOVE.

When we’re so purposely driven, so focused on our goals, there is nothing on Earth that can stop us from achieving what we truly desire.

Kevin Ringstaff is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, Pet Loss Grief Counselor, Pet Chaplain, and Entrepreneur who writes and speaks about grief to anyone who will listen. If you like this video, check out my other projects.