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Why Kevin?

I'm a student of grief: I'm currently training to be a Board Certified Hospital Chaplain and I've been through many other grief programs, books, and other resources over the years. But my main source of stories comes from my experiences helping hundreds of grieving individuals from all over by just holding space and listening.

So many problems stem from people who can’t trust one another enough to be vulnerable and find the support that they need to progress through their grief.

I’m uniquely qualified to do this job; it’s my calling. People naturally open up around me. This is good, because grief is not something that is easy to talk about; most people run from it, men especially.

Grief Subjects I Can Talk About
  • The Loss of a Pet
  • Grieving in the Workplace ( )
  • Men, Grief, and Vulnerability (
  • Grief, Death, and Dying
  • Disenfranchised Grief
  • Stories of Love and Loss
  • History of the Funeral Industry
  • Grief Engagement
  • Fun Products for Grief


Questions You can Ask Me


PetCloud Sample Questions:

  1. How did I get into the field of grief? 
  2. Why does the loss of a pet hurt so much? 
  3. What makes pet loss different? 
  4. Why do so many people find grief (in general) so hard to talk about?
  5. How has the pandemic affected those grieving pets?
  6. How long do people grieve?
  7. What are some common reactions to grief?
  8. What are some well-meaning but terrible things we say to each other in grief? 
  9. Someone in my life is grieving. How can I help? What do I say? What can I do?
  10. How can I help myself in grief?


Grieving@Work Sample Questions:

  1. How did I get into the field of grief? 
  2. What are some tips you can give for managers to start doing right away?
  3. Why is grief so hard to talk about?

As a business owner:

  1. How do I manage a grieving employee when they return to work from bereavement leave?
  2. How do I support a grieving employee? What do I say or do? What do I NOT say?
  3. How will all this grief this past year affect business going forward?
  4. How much does grief cost businesses each year?
  5. What is your bereavement leave policy?
  6. What is your grief culture?
  7. What risk does grief pose to your business?



In Development

Bi-Monthly podcast with user submitted stories centered around a theme. These are true experiences of love, loss, and the journey through the grief over losing a beloved pet and family member.

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