I’m a Grief Recovery Specialist, certified pet loss & bereavement counselor, registered pet chaplain, and a grief coach. I spend my time talking and educating people about grief, and when I’m not making people feel uncomfortable, I’m creating products and fun activities to help better engage people and get them talking about grief and loss.

So many problems stem from people who can’t trust one another enough to be vulnerable and find the support that they need to progress through their grief. I got started in this industry with a loss of my own, my cat Henry “Fats” Rothschild. Over time, I’ve learned how to manage and deal with grief.

I’m uniquely qualified to do this job; it’s my calling. People naturally open up around me. This is good, because grief is not something that is easy to talk about; most people run from it, men especially.

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Topics I Can Discuss:

10 Interview Questions You Can Ask Me

  1. How do I support a friend, family member, or co-worker through a loss?
  2. What do I say to my children about grief & loss?
  3. As a business owner, how do I handle a grieving employee when they return to work from bereavement leave?
  4. Why do men have trouble opening up about grief?
  5. What is disenfranchised grief?
  6. What do our pets mean to us?
  7. Am I going crazy for feeling such sadness after my pet died?
  8. When should I euthanize my pet?
  9. How can I memorialize and honor my pet after they die?
  10. My family & friends say I should get “over it” already, so how long should I grieve?Previous Podcast and Media Appearances

Guest Appearances

I’ve appeared on “Coming Back” with Shelby Forsythia, Frank King’s “The Suicide Prevention Punchline“, “Insights with Dick Goldberg“, “Innovating with Scott Amyx“, and most recently, “Silent Presence Podcast” with Richard Patricia.

Silent Presence Podcast

Host: Rich Patricia

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