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A safe place and community to express our deep grief when we lose a pet. We have daily video chatrooms, grief activities, community engagement, and other educational activities and other resources to help your grieving friends.



Each year, companies lose over $100 billion dollars in revenue to grief and trauma that enters into the workplace. Learn how to suport your employees and help mitigate this cost to your business. 


Healing Roadmap®

Grief is grief. All of us experience losses and grief throughout our lives. This is a community of support by people who know what it is to go through grief. 

Pet Memory Project Podcast

The Pet Memory Project Podcast

A place for all your pet memories.

The Pet Memory Project is a collection of memories, stories, and drawings created by people just like you who have also lost a pet and are grieving deeply.

Different themes each week; stories around that theme; the Pet Memory Project is created by all of our heart warming and heart breaking stories of love and loss.

Submit Your Unique Story Today. 



A website of grief support by men for men. Every man grieves. Not every man expresses that grief. This is a place to do just that; a place where we are "allowed" to show how broken we are; a place where that vulnerability is okay. Join our community and be surrounded by other men who have also lost and who are also grieving. 

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