• The Positive Polarity Podcast

    In this episode, Dave sits down with Kevin Ringstaff (your’s truley), the Founder and CEO of PetCloud and Grieving@Work. Kevin shares different advice on how managers can support their employees through the grieving process, how they can better exercise patience, and how they can improve their listening skills to become a more empathetic leader. https://www.positivepolaritypodcast.com/post/what-you-need-to-know-about-grieving-in-the-workplace Kevin Ringstaff is a Grief Recovery Specialist, Pet Loss Grief Counselor, Pet Chaplain, and Entrepreneur who writes and speaks about grief to anyone who will listen. If you like this video, check out my other projects. www.kevinringstaff.comwww.petcloud.petwww.greivingatwork.com

  • Conducting an Online Memorial Service

    The day and time for your Online Memorial is finally here, so ready or not it’s happening. This article covers what happens in real time. How do you manage the meeting flow? How do you deal with technical issues? I can’t wait to get started.  This document is broken down into two main sections:  Technical Issues Ceremony Flow If you missed it, I recently talked about how to construct a proper ZOOVP Memorial Invitation, and if you read that you’d already know what ZOOVP means. But for those who didn’t read it, alas. There are many Zoom-Or-Other-Video-Platforms (or ZOOVPs as I call them). They are fairly similar and they share…