F-Google Strikes Again

How can Google continually ruin productivity? Great question. By adding services that automatically interrupt normal business operations because they’re marketing a new sub-par service, that’s how.

There I was, waiting for my most important business meeting of the month wondering. I was completely prepared and on-time, yet the person I was meeting was late. It was unlike him to be late, so I started thinking of other reasons that could be the problem:

  • Is my Zoom meeting public?
  • Does he have the link?
  • Did Zoom change the meeting link? (It’s happened before)
  • Did I get the TimeZone wrong again? Was the meeting 3 hours earlier?
  • Did I already miss it?

After verifying everything, double checking my email, and anything else I could think of, I came to the conclusion that maybe something had come up and he had to reschedule.

I opened up my email to write him a rescheduling letter when I received his email. He was waiting for me in a Google Meet room.

Google Meet?

I don’t use that “service”, especially for important meetings. Yet, how did he end up in a Google Meet room? There’s no way I actually created and added a Meet room to our meeting invitation.

I went back and looked at the meeting invite again and discovered the problem.

Google automatically creates and inserts a Google Meet meeting link in every meeting that is scheduled using Zoom. EVERY MEETING. So, every invite has 2 distinct meeting links: (1) The meeting link that you chose and that you expect to use, and (2) a meeting link they insert to market their new “services” designed apparently to fool and distract clients.

So, you have a 50% chance of getting your meetings started on time and with everyone in the same room. However, that’s only when you have 1 other participant. That number obviously scales exponentially when you add more than 1 person.

Fuck. You. Google.

You ruined my most important meeting and damaged a relationship with a client just to market your services.

Disable G Suite Services

As you can imagine, I was angry. After several internet searches, using Duck Duck Go obviously, I figured out how to completely disable and remove these “services” from my account. Here’s how.

Login to your Google GSuite Admin Account and navigate to Here you’ll see a list of a bunch of useful temporary “services” that Google adds as part of their GSuite. As Admin, you can select and individually completely disable every “service” you don’t use for everyone on your account.

While I was at it, I went ahead and disabled a bunch of other “services” that God only knows what they do.

  • Currents
  • Google Chat and classic Hangouts
  • Google Meet
  • Groups for Business
  • Jamboard “Service”
  • Sites

Now, finally, with the addition of the Zoom plugin to GSuite, I can schedule meetings again without Google hijacking my meetings.

Whew. Problem solved.

#Foogle #GoogleJacking

This is just another example of companies adding services that are shittier copies of existing products and cleverly tricking you into using them. I choose to use Zoom, not your product.

Now, this is just another thing on my list of stuff to check every month. Along with privacy settings (Google and FB are notorious about changing settings when they update, specifically re-checking the “Send Us Feedback On Our Product” boxes) I now have to check for and turn off ANY new “services”.

Thanks Foogle for all your help.

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